Dixita Ganatra, Web Developer & Designer
| Bangalore, IN
I’m a full stack web developer who's passionate about design and art. I can design and build web apps from the ground up. I have explored roles from being a developer in team to managing teams. I'm generally very flexible when investigating new roles and responsibilities, be it technical or managerial.
Genea - Web Developer Consultant 2023-12 —Present
  • Developing various features of an access control system.
  • Developed various POCs for custom widget dashboard.
  • Writing technical and product documentation about the features.
  • Collaborating with design team to create UIs for the features.
  • Using ReactJS, antd, SCSS, Redux, Redux Saga, Redux toolkit, React Query, NodeJS, PostgreSQL, Leaflet for development.
Genea - Web Developer Consultant 2021-05 — 2023-09
  • Developed features of an access control system like Interactive floor plans, RSVP for visitors, custom reporting, custom roles, access code generation, managing FIDO2 support for login, etc.
  • Developed various POCs for custom widget dashboard.
  • Lead UI/UX, System improvements, Penetration testing projects and some features of Visitor Management.
  • Interviewed various candidates.
  • On-boarded & trained newly joined members.
  • Managed the releases of frontend deployments.
  • Did extensive code review and worked on DX improvements.
  • Technical documentation about the project, setups, deployment and releases.
  • Used ReactJS, antd, SCSS, Redux, Redux Saga, Redux toolkit, NodeJS, PostgreSQL, Leaflet for development.
Technegic Software - Web Developer Consultant 2021-04 —Present
  • Developed cylinder inventory tracking system for moving them in between various facilities.
  • Created openapi specs, frontend, backend, and database migrations using PostgreSQL, NodeJS, React, Redux, and antd.
  • Created wireframes and designs using Figma, Invision Studio, and Affinity Designer.
  • Deployed the app on AWS.
Codieslab - Web Developer Consultant 2019-10 — 2020-12
  • Developed frontend and backend of an E-commerce website/webapp using React, Next.JS, Redux, Redux Saga, antd, NodeJS, MongoDB.
  • Implemented scheduled emails for renewal of subscriptions.
  • Integrated BTC Payment gateway for checkout and purchase.
Simform - Senior React Developer 2019-12 — 2020-05
  • Developed web applications like Auction management and Hospital management.
  • Maintained an internal component library.
  • Developed features like re-ordering upto 10,000 items in an a grid, Showing & updating real-time data in a table having infinite scroll.
  • Used ReactJS, Custom components, Storybook, SCSS, Redux, Redux Saga, MobX, Next.js for developing mentioned projects.
PoshaQ - Web Developer 2018-07 — 2018-10
  • Designed and developed a web applications which calculates the actual measurements of clothes by placing them on canvas and placing markers on them.
  • Used Angular, Apollo GraphQL, React, HTML Canvas API, NodeJS, MongoDB, GraphQL, Docker to develop and deploy the application.
Quintet IN - Frontend Developer 2015-08 — 2017-06
Developed and maintained a website for a college using Wordpress.
CSS Units for font-size: px | em | rem, Code Better
Blogs, Personal website
GDG Ahmedabad - Volunteer - Design team 2019-09 — 2019-10
Designed social media posts, posters, and other design content for GDG Ahmedabad event.
Birla Vishwakarma Mahavidhyalaya 2013-07— 2017-07
Bachelor- Computer Engineering, CGPA: 8.06
Free Code Camp Legecy Certificates, Free Code Camp
Web Development: Javascript, ReactJS, Redux, Redux Saga, MobX, Next.JS, Angular, NodeJS, MongoDB, PostgreSQL, GraphQL
Designing: UI/UX Design, Mockup Design, Graphic Design, Illustrations
English, Hindi, Gujarati
Drawing, Sketching, Gardening